Monthly Archive:: March 2018


When I first started using computers, I remember people saying how they would give us all so much more free time. We all now know these predictions are far from true. What really happened was that computers allowed us to do more work in the same amount of time, instead of doing the same amount of work in less time.

Bah Humbug! Everyone I know who works with computers is working longer hours than ever. A paper-less office? Trees are still a major growth industry. The typing pool has gone the way of the key-punch operator in a few short years. An ‘expert’ on computers is someone with 6 months more experience than you have.

However, more people now have the freedom to do their own thing. The Web allows them create global businesses from their bedrooms.

What has this to do with the balloons? The very fact you are reading this means the computers are already influencing the way you run your business. During my “Links Across America Tour” this month, 72% of those attending the training classes had e-mail addresses. Congratulations on being in the top 72% of balloon professionals!

The web is not only about making money. The web is about people and communication, not just technology. If you can make money from the Internet, that’s great, but that’s not the only reason to get on the web. We are all seeking information and the Internet helps quench our search for knowledge, and knowledge gives us the power – power to persuade and seduce each other and our potential customers, to become more professional and then hopefully, to make more money.

– Adam