Programming is the way though which we make programs using different sets of code. A program can have some few lines of codes or more than a million line of codes. The size of the program depends upon its object. Programming is the way through which we can connect a hardware and a software to give us a better way of life. Until the 20th Century programming was only done to create programs to solve any mathematical problem or a game to play. But now in this Century programming is done to make our daily tasks much easier. A mobile phone can now make a phone call as well as lets you play a game or even take a photograph.

Programming will be employed to improve our life and solve our problems. Programming is used in all fields on earth. Scientists studying space to farmers who work in agriculture field employs programs to solve their problems. These programs are created by programmers who have the knowledge of programming.

In future, programmers will be employed to make more sophisticated tools by combing daily used hardware and software. It would be possible to use your bed for both sleeping and cooking perhaps!